About me

Basic Technique – “Spin Painting”
Thesis to this technique “You control color, and color controls you”

Conceptual artist – designer Glick Anna
She graduated from the British Higher School of Design.
Spin art is an art that, above all, uses paints, canvas and rotating platforms. The most important thing in this technique is the right combination of colors.
Beautiful explosive Spinning Spiral Engineering appeared in the 1960s. At amusing fairs, where paint was applied to a turning device, namely a potter’s wheel. It not only enchanted children, but also many conceptual artists, the most famous of which is an English artist, entrepreneur, collector Damien Hirst.
In order to create these works, each canvas rotates on a rotational basis, while various colored colors are poured on the rotating canvas from above, allowing it to carry out some distance in their performance, randomness and unpredictability of the result, since until the disc stops, there can not be a complete Representations, what will turn out on the canvas.
“Spin Painting”, examples of which you see, are made with acrylic paint, then a mechanical machine is used, which every concept artist makes for himself.
My task was to combine industrial design and modern art in order to get something new and show that all areas of design are interrelated and can influence, help and develop each other.
So it turned out to me a designed “drawing machine”, which helps to create dynamic pictures. In Russia, there are several analogs, but either smaller sizes, or production large disks.
Spin technique gives us a good idea of ​​the infinite possibilities and variety of results, everything depends on the imagination of the author.
After a variety of personal experiments with the use of paint, a mixture of techniques and the radius of rotation, it was found that with the help of this technique you can depict almost everything.
I hasten to share the purity of color, mood and meaning through their work. All the pictures are individual and difficult to repeat, you can choose colors, but overflows, mood and dynamics are impossible.
Every art connoisseur can see very different things in the same picture. The names are only a delicate haze of what the author wanted to show, and they do not limit the meaning.
Connect imagination, twist the layout of the picture, change the lighting and viewing angle, and you will certainly find something of your own.
Other works in experimental techniques of modern art (action painting, drawing with strokes, abstractionism) are also presented as the beginning of preparation for further series of paintings.

Enjoy watching!